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Therapeutic Approach

Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community & Farm believes that recovery from addiction is possible through connection and community.  

Treatment grounded in community and fellowship has a greater chance of successfully addressing the bio-psycho-social aspects of substance use. With a solid understanding that substance use can be rooted in a myriad of causes such as trauma, feelings of disconnection, isolation, experimentation or physical and emotional pain, we also recognize that each man has their own particular experience with addiction. As such, an individualized approach that is curious and open to listening is crucial for recovery. 


Baldy Hughes’ acceptance  that  a holistic view of substance use best speaks to the complex and multifaceted aspects of addiction helps to establish a program rooted in a collaborative approach.


We use the 12 step recovery program and SMART Recovery®. We also accept clients on suboxone on a case by case basis.


Through learning the skills of self care, stress management and nutrition, one learns to calm a dysregulated system. 


Through individualized counselling one feels respected and valued and can begin to recognize unhealthy triggers and learn positive coping strategies. By building social connections, we reinstate each man’s capacity to form healthy relationships and  attachments. Through community participation, one is empowered through their responsibility to the group and through ownership for one’s behaviour. By working alongside each other doing daily tasks, trust is nurtured and normality returns. Additionally, through forgiveness, reconnecting with others and finding a sense of belonging and purpose, one begins to heal. Once these various aspects of addiction are fully understood and incorporated into recovery, lives can be reclaimed. 


Moreover, our unique and natural setting located in beautiful northern British Columbia, provides a private, safe and peaceful space for a person to recover. 


Our location allows men to disconnect from unhealthy networks and from the chaos of life to focus on healing and growth. Our welcoming staff and supportive environment create the caring backdrop for long-term recovery. Time is well organized providing the structure to make the most of each day while remaining  focused on sobriety. In addition, our long term program provides the time to pause, contemplate, prepare, and take action towards a life free of addiction.


Men who enter the program with a strong commitment and desire to recovery, will leave Baldy Hughes having reclaimed their lives. 

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