Originally from the Lower Mainland, Robbie is a talented, cultured musician with an avid interest in snowboarding, dancing and other exciting life pursuits. Robbie however was residing in treatment centres and recovery houses for the five years leading up to his arrival at Baldy Hughes in May 2015. While he had lost interest in many of the things he felt passionately about, as well as his friends and the lifestyle he had previously enjoyed, he was determined not to give up, and wished to find a long-term program that would support his current experience.

“I was just sick, before coming to Baldy Hughes,” says Robbie. “All happiness had left me. I had completely exhausted all my options in the Lower Mainland, and was ready for a new approach to recovery.”

Coming to a new and unfamiliar environment was not too daunting for Robbie, and making the change from city to rural life was made easier by a shared love of music he found with other residents in the Baldy Hughes music studio. “Playing music and collaborating with other musicians was a real bonus, but had a major impact on my time here at Baldy Hughes, and also my future plans,” Robbie says. Robbie even participated in the making of a music video , which was played at a major event at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver this past winter. You can check it out by clicking here. (Robbie is the bassist).

Robbie committed himself to all the various programming options and opportunities for growth throughout his year stay at Baldy Hughes. He definitely responded well to 12 step programs, and to his surprise experienced much enjoyment in the barn and greenhouse programs.

“The work I did in the 12 step program, and trauma, grief and loss phase, made me realize that changing my life was my responsibility, and no one else’s,“ Robbie said. “The entire program gave me a new awareness of my thoughts, actions and my life.”

Robbie also served as a Senior Resident Leader for many months, and spent countless hours working with newcomers to our community as part of his new-found commitment to being of service to others. When asked how his time at Baldy Hughes changed him, Robbie responded by saying “in every way possible: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I am now happy, peaceful, loving life and excited about my future possibilities.”.