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Lifeskills and

Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community & Farm is a unique, routine focused program that supports men

to achieve a higher education and life skills to put forth in their future of sobriety.

Examples of education programs offered throughout the program at Baldy Hughes:

A teacher from the Prince George School District visits twice a week

to help clients complete grade 12 and any upgrading courses

required as a prerequisite for acceptance into a post-secondary

college or university.

As part of the transition planning phase, clients may take

online courses during their stay at Baldy Hughes.

Food Safe Level 1.




First Aid Level 1 with CPR.

Beekeeping training and certification.

Examples of life skills offered throughout the program at Baldy Hughes:

Cooking in the kitchen and serving meals to clients and staff.


Learning to care for barn animals and participate

in barn chores.


Carpentry and painting.


Woodworking projects.




Housekeeping chores in personal living dorms

and common areas.

Bush work, cutting down trees for firewood.

Greenhouse work, which is kept running throughout the

winter with wood heat.

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