James has been a hard worker all his life. Successful, talented and ambitious, James owned and built his own business and earned himself a very positive reputation in his field. However, as with many successful individuals, under the surface there was another side to James’ life – a slow decline into substance misuse and addiction. After experiencing divorce, his public life began to unravel alongside his private life. Mired in the dark world of addiction, James lost everything – including his relationships, career, and with a near-fatal overdose, almost his life.

Making the decision to come to Baldy Hughes meant surrendering to the fact that his life had become unmanageable, and drastic changes were required for survival. ” I had come to a place in my life where I no longer understood who I was or I what I wanted out of life,” said James. “I was scared, lost and confused as to how to move ahead. I knew I needed help in finding a new direction.”

Immediately after arriving at Baldy Hughes, James immersed himself in all the various activities and challenges that were presented to him. Intrigued by holistic healing, James gravitated towards the farm and animal programs. “Getting back in touch with nature and the caregiving of the animals gave me a great understanding of what it means to be compassionate,” he said. “Also, the work I was able to in our Trauma, Grief and Loss Group helped me to deal with past experiences and come to understand what I needed to do to be the man I knew I could be.”

James certainly proved himself to be someone who could give to others during his stay at Baldy Hughes. By committing himself to the barn, lending his expertise to the many maintenance and construction projects on site, leading a weekly community support group and tirelessly serving as one of three Senior Resident Leaders, James found real happiness and meaning in being of service to others. Upon his graduation from the one year program, James was offered a position as Barn & Horticulture Facilitator at Baldy Hughes, a role he is cherishing.

“My time at Baldy Hughes has showed me that only I have control over my responses to the events of everyday life. I have found a path on which I am comfortable with who I am. At Baldy Hughes, I discovered that I do have the tools necessary to live a very fulfilling life, with a new serenity.”