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Asked Questions

Do I require clean time prior to admission?

All new residents must be detoxed prior to admission and will be asked to complete a urine drug screening upon arrival.  Our facility is not medically equipped or staffed to deal with serious detox cases. Given our remote location, prospective residents must be medically and physically stabilized before they come to Baldy Hughes.

What are the eligibility requirements to come to Baldy Hughes?

Our Admissions Coordinator will work with prospective residents to ensure they properly complete the

application package and understand and meet our admission requirements. In general, new residents:


Must be willing to commit to a long-term treatment program (1 year)


Must not be on any Benzodiazepine, Narcotic or Synthetic Narcotic medications


Must not be on a Methadone protocol – Suboxone is accepted up to a maximum of 24mg


Must have approved funding in place before entry

Must be of legal age in B.C. – 19 yrs.


Must bring a two-week supply of prescribed medications

Do I need to be referred to Baldy Hughes?

No. Self-referrals are accepted, in addition to agency referrals. The referral source must complete the Application for Admission form. Examples of a Referral Source are Physician, Drug & Alcohol Counselor, Concurrent Disorders Therapist, EAP Worker, Psychiatrist, Parole/Probation Officer.

Is public funding available?

Yes, the appropriate form is included in the application package. We accept residents who are funded
through the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.

What is the cost of the program?

We believe that recovery should be accessible to anyone, regardless of their financial status. With that, most of our clients stay at Baldy Hughes is funded through provincial social assistance programs. Please contact us today to inquire further. Baldy Hughes self-pay rate is $3,000.00 CDN per month of treatment. Upon admission a self-pay resident must secure one month of funding. A plan for payment must be pre-approved by the Admissions coordinator prior to admission. Residents on EI Sickness Benefits, or on a pension, would pay 80% of their monthly benefits value as fees (minimum $1,000 per month, maximum $3,000 per month). Residents on EI will be required to complete a Ministry of Social Development application prior to EI Benefits expiring, to ensure that funding for the remainder of the 12-month program is secured. Prescription expenses are not included in the monthly rate and payment arrangements for these must be in place before admission.


Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community & Farm does not refund resident fees except in the case of a planned discharge and at the Executive Director’s discretion. Thirty days’ written notice of withdrawal from the program must be provided to receive a refund of fees paid in advance, and no refunds are provided for a partial month. Refunds are made only to the person or organization that directly paid the fee.

What are accommodations like?

Baldy Hughes has three separate dormitory buildings configured with single, double, and triple-occupancy rooms.

Most residents will share a room. All residents share washroom facilities on each floor, as well as common areas and a community dining hall.

What amenities does Baldy Hughes offer?

Baldy Hughes is a self-contained former military base and offers a full host of amenities which include a

gymnasium equipped for basketball, floor hockey, weight/cardio training. We also have a baseball diamond,

a music room with instruments and PA system, a hair cutting room, an Arts Centre,

TV lounge areas, library, and a school room.

Does Baldy Hughes accept court-ordered residents?

Yes, applicants may have a residency clause in their probation orders to attend Baldy Hughes but must inform their probation officers prior to admission.

Residents will only be allowed to participate in telephone check-ins during their stay, rather than in-person interviews. Residents may also attend court as needed by phone, video conference or in person in Prince George.

Can residents travel to town?

Accompanied trips to town are periodically necessary for important and pre-approved appointments and include volunteer opportunities and group social activities. Clients may be escorted by staff or a resident peer support worker within their first three months of stay to minimize risks should they be required to attend appointments.

What medical providers will I have access to during my stay?

A Family Physician comes to Baldy Hughes once a week and a psychiatrist visits once a month. Baldy Hughes also has Nurse on site during the week. Residents may travel into town for approved medical appointments as needed such as: X-Ray, Ultrasound, Dental, Optometry, Chiropractor etc.

Can I make phone calls, receive mail, access the internet, and have visitors?

Clients need to be in the program for 2 weeks before they are allowed to make phone calls. Except for government agencies, immediate family members. Otherwise, personal calls are to be made weeknights and weekends during designated times on the Baldy Hughes client phone, no cell phones allowed.

Clients can receive personal letters. Envelopes and stamps can be brought in, mailed in, or purchased from the Baldy Hughes store. All mail and parcels are opened with staff to ensure no contraband. All mail and parcels must be shipped via Canada post.

Clients may have access to the internet at the discretion of and under the supervision of staff.

All visitors must have a pre-arranged appointment and must be pre-approved after 2 weeks of being in the program. Clients must submit a visitor request by Wednesday prior to the weekend visit. Regular visiting hours are Saturday: 1 pm - 4 pm and Sunday: 1 pm 4 pm.

What are the COVID-19 safety protocols?

New arrivals must not have any respiratory or flu like symptoms prior to arrival.

If symptoms are present, a negative COVID test result will be required prior to intake.

Upon arrival the new resident will go through a verbal COVID screening and temperature check.

If a new resident is not double vaccinated, he will be required to submit a negative COVID test result prior to arrival,

wear a mask in all indoor spaces, maintain a six feet physical distance from others and sanitize often.

All visitors must show proof of vaccinations with identification and undergo a COVID screening before entering.

Can residents smoke and vape?

Smoking is permitted at Baldy Hughes in designated areas only. New clients may bring cigarettes and brand-new unopened vaping devices and juices.

Friends and family may also mail these items.

How does the onsite store work?

All monies brought in at intake are placed on resident’s store accounts. Clients can purchase store account funds during

their stay by debit, credit card or stored cash. Baldy Hughes does not permit residents to carry cash during their stay

in the community. Friends and family may also phone to add funds to resident’s store account by credit card, visa

debit or mail cash/money order. The store offers basic comforts such as: hygiene products, cigarettes and

vaping products, snacks, and candy.

What should I bring?

Clothing & footwear appropriate for all seasons - ranging from hot summer temperatures to sub-zero winter & snow conditions

Hygiene products (Sold at the store on site)

2 weeks supply of prescription medications

Alarm clock and watch (Sold at the store on site)

Travel mug and water bottle (Sold at the store on site)



Pens, paper, journal

Free time activities, such as books, art supplies, guitar etc.

MP3 player (no: photo, Wi-Fi, recording, video capable devices).


Do not bring:

Clothing that contains alcohol & drug ads / logos / slogans, sexist, racist, gang, homophobic propaganda

Aerosol or scented products such as cologne or incense

Used E-cigarettes (brand-new unopened devises & unopened juices without THC are allowed)

Tools, weapons (including pocketknives, laser pointers, martial arts items etc.)

Motorized vehicles, skateboards, bicycle, longboards etc.

What is a typical day at Baldy Hughes?

Monday to Friday:
Breakfast is served at 7:00 am.
The morning check-in and gratitude meeting begins at 8:30am.
Morning group therapy and work assignments begin at 9:00 am and end at 11:30am.
Lunch is served at noon.
Afternoon group therapy and work assignments begin at 1:00 pm and end at 4:00 pm.
Dinner is served at 5:00 pm.
One to one counselling sessions are scheduled throughout the weekdays, between the hours of 9:00am-3:30pm.

Weekday evenings:
Usually entail attending a 12-step meeting, speaker tape, meditation, or other mandatory programming from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Between 8:30pm and 11:00 pm is generally considered free time.
Lights out at 11:00pm.

Brunch is served at 10:00 am and dinner is served at 5:00 pm. Approved visitors are welcomed onsite from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Our therapy and work programming at Baldy Hughes will be both mentally and physically demanding. We encourage residents to use the weekends to reflect on their recovery, rest, engage in community and enjoy the amenities at Baldy Hughes as they prepare for the week ahead.

Click for the weekly schedule here.

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