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BC New Hope
Recovery Society

Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community & Farm operates under the auspices of the

BC New Hope Recovery Society.

The Society was founded in 2007 by Lorne Mayencourt, along with
considerable support and time by founding members; Kevin England, Don Willoughby, Bernice Willoughby and Stephen Gammer.


When I talk to people about Baldy Hughes it’s always with a sense of gratitude. The reason for that is that so many people have come along and helped us help others. And we are saving lives at Baldy Hughes. We’re giving them not just their life but we’re giving them a quality of life that is unbelievably rich and enjoyable and helps them reconnect and be part of society.

- Lorne Mayencourt

Residents of Baldy Hughes become positive citizens. They get their life back, and become stronger than they’ve ever been. They reintegrate with their family again and reconnect with their children. We’ve had over 1,200 people come through the doors of Baldy Hughes and a lot of them will tell you that if they had not come, they

would not be alive today.

- Kevin England

Current Directors:

Kevin England
Chair of the Board

Kevin has been the longest standing Board member in either the capacity of Chair, President or Director since April, 2008. Kevin's journey began on his family's farm in Pembroke, Ontario where he developed the appreciation and determination for hard work and success. Kevin sold his company's Real Estate portfolio in 2015 and organized a donation of $3.6M to benefit New Hope Recovery Society. Kevin is dedicated to saving lives, healing families and changing the landscape of addiction treatment in Canada. Kevin earned the British Columbia Medal of Good Citizenship in 2016 for his leadership and volunteerism.

Chris Sargent

Chris has been the Treasurer since December 2018 and is passionate about the work of BC New Hope Recovery Society. Chris was born and raised in Vancouver and obtained his CGA designation in 1987. Chris has worked for Rancho Management for 35 years. Chris has been married for 38 years to his wife, Donna. They have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Chris has extensive experience in real estate and property management. Chris served on the SPABC Board for 5 years as the Treasurer. Chris has many interests including golf and still plays old-timer hockey.

Jonathan Evans

Jonathan has been on the Board since December 2017. Jonathan earned a MA concentrated in Leadership; Navigating Change in a Disruptive Culture. Jonathan is a business coach and business leader with 20+ years experience. Jonathan began his career with the University of Waterloo and has been recognized for leadership in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Jonathan leans on his organizational development, communications, and public relations tools to serve his clients. Jonathan’s management, development and succession planning experience is a great asset to Baldy Hughes.

Ken Hallat

Ken has served on the Board since December, 2009. Ken grew up in Vancouver and earned an MBA degree in 1970 with honors at the University of British Columbia. Ken’s business career has spanned 55 years, partially initiated via his MBA thesis on the cleaning industry and evolved into investing in various companies as well as mentoring young business entrepreneurs. Ken is on the Advisor Boards for Woodtone Products, Ecotex institutional laundry systems, Capilano Suspension Bridge group of companies, past Chair of Purdy’s Chocolates amongst others. Ken has donated a great deal time to a variety of charities and non-profit organizations like Baldy Hughes including Shaughnessy golf club, Saint George’s School, Director of BC Sports Hall Foundation and the Olympic Foundation.

John Gregory

John has been on the Board since 2021 and was involved with Baldy Hughes from the beginning, having assisted the founding members with the formation of BC New Hope Recovery Society in 2007. John was born in New Westminster and spent his youth in the Lower Mainland and Okanogan. John graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a business degree and from UBC with a law degree, before joining the Vancouver law firm of Thorsteinssons LLP.  John and his spouse, Chrislana, have five children who have dispersed throughout Canada. John enjoys participating in motor-sports and white-water trips in Canada’s north, activities which involve his entire family. Addiction and its consequences has touched John’s family as it has many others. John believes passionately in the value of Baldy Hughes’ Therapeutic approach to recovery and is committed to the continued success of the organization.

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