The British Columbia New Hope Recovery Society is pleased to announce a $3.6 Million charitable donation from TEG Master Partnership.

TEG Master Partnership’s donation to the Society marks one of the largest single corporate charitable donations made in the Province of British Columbia in recent history. This is a compelling story which reminds us of the possibilities offered to those in need when we commit ourselves as agents of change.

Today, The England Group will host a celebratory reception at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver to publicly thank the generosity and support of TEG Master Partnership’s 3,200 BC-based clients who made this donation possible.

“Thanks to the generosity of these donors, BC New Hope Recovery Society will be in a better position to provide year-long residential treatment for people with serious substance use disorders,” said Rich Coleman, Deputy Premier and Minister Responsible for Housing. “The Province appreciates the role these businesses are playing to improve people’s physical and mental health and rebuild their lives.”

This donation will be invested in order to yield long-term cash flow and will be available to fund ongoing and future obligations and initiatives of the Society which operates Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community & Farm in partnership with the Province of British Columbia.

“When I presented this proposal to our investors I knew I was taking a leap of faith – there are so many deserving charities out there – but their response was just overwhelming,” said Kevin England, President and CEO of The England Group. “Tonight is all about acknowledging their generosity and raising awareness for Baldy Hughes. Addiction takes a serious toll on communities in BC and Baldy Hughes offers a unique solution to families and their loved ones who are struggling. I can tell you that everyone involved is incredibly moved by this act of kindness and the legacy it leaves – it’s just a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate.”

“This donation is an amazing example of how the citizens of BC open up their hearts and help each other,” said Rodger Travale, Executive Director of Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community & Farm. “Recovery from addiction is not a miracle, but yet we rely on miracles to give us what we need for the work we do each and every day. Our thanks to the men and women who have the vision and compassion to make Baldy Hughes the exceptional and unique place it is today.”

Please enjoy the following video capturing the joy, enthusiasm and dedication of the people involved in the creation of this legacy fund!