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Our Team

Our high standard of excellence begins with our staff. Our professional team is made up of experts and caring individuals who are the best at what they do.

Our Team

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Angela Carter, M. Ed
Executive Director

Angela Carter is the Executive Director at Baldy Hughes. Angela is a Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe woman, originally from Southern Ontario and has resided in Prince George for the past 24 years. Angela’s background has been in health care, social services, and educational leadership. Angela’s most recent experience was as an Executive Director for a local Indigenous organization that focused on HIV/AIDS/HCV, addictions, homelessness, and food security. Angela has been an active member of the community in various committees and has also given her time as a volunteer. Angela has been affected by addictions in her personal life with people she has loved, and for people she has served.

Jack Kinnear, BSW-MSW
Team Lead / Counsellor

Jack Kinnear is the Team Lead and Counsellor at Baldy Hughes. Jack brings over twenty years experience in Social Work and Ministry of Children Family Development. Jack's opportunity to fulfill a thirty-year dream to work with men who have a desire to get clean began with Baldy Hughes in 2021. Jack's vision is to develop a clinical team that will provide support and knowledge to our clients wanting to create a clean and full life for themselves. Jack holds a Master's Degree in Social Work.

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Jessica Chambers
Counsellor / Facilitator

Jessica Chambers is a Counsellor at Baldy Hughes.

Jo Ann, LPN
LPN and Office Administrator

Jo Ann is the Medical Office Administrator at Baldy Hughes. Jo Ann's focus is on the medical and administration aspects of day to day life at Baldy Hughes. Jo Ann's goal is to be an integral part of helping someone reach their goal of a healthy and happy life. Jo Ann holds a LPN certificate from College of New Caledonia, Prince George.

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Viviane Bigras

Viviane Bigras is responsible for Admissions and has been at Baldy Hughes since 2015. Viviane brings 42 year of experience in the administrative field. Viviane’s favourite aspect of her work is seeing when the residents embrace the program and transform their lives. Viviane also holds a Bookkeeping and Accountant Certificate I.

Don Browne
Interim Physical Operations

Don Browne is our interim Physical Operations specialist and has been a support worker at Baldy Hughes since 2017. Prior to Baldy Hughes, Don was as a computer technician and a driver for a courier company. Don's passion and pride for his work at Baldy Hughes comes from making a difference in our client's lives and helping them to live successful, healthy lives.

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Alan Van Der Woerd, PhD
Community Support Facilitator

Alan Van Der Woerd has been a facilitator at Baldy Hughes since 2019. Alan is responsible for client onboarding, driving, greenhouse, beekeeping maintenance and educational field trips. Previous to Baldy Hughes, Alan was a Professor and Interfaith Chaplain at UNBC and also taught in Mexico and Nigeria. Alan holds a Ph.D. in intercultural studies.

Rod Palidwor
Community Support Facilitator

Rod Palidwor has been a facilitator at Baldy Hughes since 2019. Rod is our client work therapy coordinator and farm maintenance worker.

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Dunsin Adefisayo
Support worker

Dunsin Adefisayo is a support worker at Baldy Hughes.

Deanna Fjellgaard
Support worker

Deanna Fjellgaard is a support worker at Baldy Hughes.

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