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Men's Long Term Residential Addiction Recovery

Baldy Hughes
Therapeutic Community & Farm

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Our Community changes lives

The overall experience I had at Baldy Hughes was phenomenal. I could not have ever possibly imagined the quality of life I am blessed with today.

- Corey

Baldy Hughes is an amazing facility.

I have very fond memories with the guys in the Sage building, the rooms are amazing, better than any other place I have been too.

- Brad

So very proud of my sons determination and courage. So very grateful for the Baldy Hughes program, providing a place and time to heal to find his way.

- Wendy (mother)

Working in the greenhouse is a wonderful experience, especially when I see the plants grow. Therapeutic work here at Baldy Hughes is a blessing for an addict on the road to recovery.

- Mark

When coming to Baldy Hughes, I felt welcomed right away. The clients, and staff made me feel apart of something. Through my months here, I never made so much progress to improve myself like I have here. I felt like part of a community, and connected to everyone around me.

- Josh

Baldy Hughes gave me the opportunity to really look at myself, and life wasn't working as I was. It is now 3 years since this great adventure started. Thank you Baldy Hughes and all the amazing staff.

- Stan

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