Tom has lived in many areas of British Columbia before finally residing in northwest British Columbia. He is an intelligent, resourceful and skilled professional. Tom managed to stay “dry” for 25 years until in his words, “ I convinced myself that alcoholism was not a problem in my life.” Tom elaborated, “after picking up a drink, twelve years of self-destructive behavior followed.” . Forced by family to face his hopelessness, he made a life changing decision to seek treatment and support. Tom reflected, “I was bankrupted physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and spirituality and finally realized I needed help.”

Over the past twelve months, Tom has worked hard to develop the skill sets to remain a healthy, productive and happy person. Tom voiced “I now feel it is possible to look at the world differently and realize that happiness is still possible.” He added, “when I finally made the decision to be part of Baldy Hughes it brought a renewed sense of hope.”

Although the program presented challenges, Tom understood the need existed to take responsibility for his life and speaks with confidence, “I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin.” He added, “ I have gratitude for the time spent in a therapeutic community, as it has allowed me the time to truly take a hard look at myself.”