Steve has lived in the Lower Mainland, the Interior of BC, as well as Calgary, Alberta. A licensed electrician by trade, Steve is also a talented musician, tattoo artist, and outdoorsman. While enjoying the successes of a skilled tradesman, Steve sensed there was a void in his life he wasn’t capable of filling. “Nothing ever seemed to be enough to satisfy me,” said Steve. “Even when it appeared that I was doing well, it felt like I was dying inside. Eventually I lost everything and I ended up homeless with a feeling of despair. I was a wreck and the only thing I cared about was drugs.”

When he first arrived at Baldy Hughes, Steve hated himself, who he had become and what he had done with his life. “Life had lost all its meaning and I wished I was dead. I knew something had to happen, I needed to make major and significant life changes, but I didn’t know how to do it.”

Over the past twelve months Steve immersed himself in all aspects of the therapeutic community and programming available at Baldy Hughes. From sharing his trade skills, being a Senior Resident Leader and serving as 12-Step Group Facilitator; Steve personified what it takes to fully engage with recovery. His involvement with our 12 step program gave Steve an understanding of spirituality he didn’t have before he came to Baldy Hughes. Steve said “the program renewed my sense of purpose and gave me direction. I was a part of something at last – giving back and being helpful rather than hurtful.”

What stands out for Steve is the development of deep and meaningful relationships which were strengthened through the Trauma, Grief and Loss Phase of the programming. To quote “I made friendships I will keep intact while coming to a greater self-awareness through a shared experience that I will hold close to my heart for a lifetime.”

When asked how his time at Baldy Hughes changed him, Steve replied, “the program has breathed new life into me. It gave me an opportunity to succeed in the world, and provided me with time to practice integrating all I had learned. I now feel confident and excited to start a new chapter of my life.” He added, “I understand serenity and inner peace and am seeing life through a new lens. I couldn’t have picked a better place to recover. It was difficult to come here, but will be more difficult to leave.”

We agree. It will be difficult to say goodbye to Steve, but we know he will remain a respected member of the Baldy Hughes community who has made an important contribution to the legacy of men helping each other overcome addiction.