Our Approach

Baldy Hughes is a therapeutic community and fully operational farm, located approximately 30 km south-west of Prince George, BC. Our community provides men recovering from addiction an accessible, up to one year program. Successful applicants are given a unique opportunity to regain their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and remove barriers to their long-term health. Our structured and strict program combines work roles, education, clinical therapy and healthcare support as a platform to empower men to reclaim their lives.

Abstinence-based recovery and the community-as-treatment model together form the unique foundation on which our program is built. We are dedicated to providing the highest caliber of programs to ensure each resident is supported in their stages of recovery.

Residents in our community must be ready, willing, and able to participate in all program aspects, specifically:

  • Physical work (farm, work roles, fitness activities)
  • Mental work (school, continued learning, skills upgrading)
  • Emotional work (group sessions, counseling, peer support)
  • Community work (leadership, mentor-ship, 12-step fellowships)

Our Mission

We are dedicated to compassionately helping British Columbians and our communities to overcome the devastating effects of addiction. We seek to restore personal dignity through a balance of individual autonomy and participation within our programming and therapeutic community. Our program is delivered in a closed and isolated residential environment in which clients adhere to a highly structured and demanding daily regimen. Professional counselors and case managers guide residents through our abstinence-based / bio-psycho-social / community-as-method program. Our clinical, case management and support staff team assist residents in acquiring or regaining the skills necessary to reintegrate themselves as positive citizens within society at large. Our program is affordable to all British Columbians and is made possible by the ongoing assistance and support of the local community, the Government of BC, and generous corporate and individual donors from around the province of British Columbia and beyond.