Driving through the ‘gates’ of the Baldy Hughes community I was a broken, unbalanced man. Physically and emotionally depleted to the point of despair; although overwhelming, the part most ominous was that of my shipwrecked spirit. Addiction is a precarious foe – stealing the swagger of a once confident, balanced man to that of a fearful boy hiding behind false bravado, arrogance and self misconceptions.

Having the opportunity to spend the amount of time I did within the community of Baldy Hughes gave me the opportunity to honestly look at my addiction experience. Now I conclude that blaming substances for my woes would only enable me to continue a life of reliance upon them. Looking inward, time to reflect and working on solution based principles gave me answers I was seeking! I feel fortunate to have started a journey that is based on a solid foundation of truth.

I firmly believe that with my rekindled spirit I now have the capacity to think of and help others. Furthermore, I have faith that I am now attracting balanced, healthy people into my life – whether that is members within my extended family, friends, romance and business. The time I spent within the Baldy Hughes community seeking to be a balanced – good man – versus the time I spent spinning around the cycle of addiction brings me to the foregone conclusion that my time spent at Baldy Hughes was time well spent!