In January 2016 Baldy Hughes began implementing a new educational strategy that focuses on improving secondary education and training opportunities for all residents at Baldy Hughes. To date, several new initiatives have commenced. These include:
1. Weekend Tutoring: An instructor from SD 57 now comes to Baldy Hughes every Saturday afternoon to tutor residents on their current school work. This will help students reach their personal secondary education goals and assist them in completing their secondary education during their one year stay at Baldy Hughes.
2. Computer Course: New laptops and software were acquired and Baldy Hughes now offers a computer class every Saturday. The course covers MS Office applications, and Google applications and cloud computing. It is a six week course and at the end participants have a new resume, cover letter, personal budget, personal Gmail address, Powerpoint presentation, and knowledge on appropriate and safe online conduct and activities.
3. Training: We now offer one skills training course per month. This will ensure that each resident will achieve at least three certificates over the course of their one-year program. Since the start of the new year, these have included:
• Occupational First Aid Level One
• Foodsafe Level One
4. Academic Upgrade Bursaries: Baldy Hughes residents who wish to undertake academic upgrades to core subjects in order to qualify for post-secondary training are now eligible to apply for bursaries provided by BC New Hope Recovery Society to cover the cost of an upgrade course.
5. Beekeeping and Honey Producing: We are excited by the opportunity this year to enhance our bee keeping program, starting with an introductory certificate training course to be delivered by Barry Clark. The 18-hour course will be delivered ten residents over three weeks, starting April 14th, and those who successfully complete the course will receive a membership in the BC Honey Producers Association.