My name is Darren and I am proud to have completed a 1 year recovery program at Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community. Baldy Hughes encourages residents in the community to face their addictions, and to be accountable and responsible in all areas of their lives. The program is 12-step based, which I had done several times before, but this time, and for the first time, I was rigorously honest with myself and others and believe I had and continue to have a spiritual awakening/experience-which is the main objective of AA/NA and others.

Some of the benefits for me have been a dramatic change in my behaviour, emotions and feelings-I now have sound judgement in my affairs. The staff at Baldy provides the structure, resources, counselling and programming to change lives-not just to be sober but to have true recovery, a complete change in how I can live my life. I have been shown and taught the path to lasting recovery, now it is up to me to walk it, live it.; I have the necessary tools. Thank you Baldy Hughes, I will forever be grateful!