The summer of 2016 has seen a real creative burst in our Farm Life program, as demonstrated by recent enhancements to our barn and greenhouse areas. These include a beautiful new serenity garden and deluxe chicken coups – both designed and built by our talented residents!

Looking  back over the past four years since we first initiated farming activities at Baldy Hughes, it is wonderful to see the level of sophistication and refinement that residents are now able to infuse into our programming. The design of the new serenity garden and chicken area is the product of the inspiration of our residents and their barn & horticulture program facilitator, and is based on the solid foundation that previous residents have built through their hard work and dedication to learning about caring for other living beings.

Although it has been a cool and wet summer at Baldy Hughes, it has been a successful season of planting and growing, including the rehabilitation and reconfiguration of land around the greenhouse into approximately two acres of potato fields.

Congratulations to our Farm Life phase members for delivering us a highly successful summer season!