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Autumn Yard Work

During the final days of our great summer / fall weather, some of our residents got busy doing some grounds improvements - and bringing in some pumpkins from the greenhouse!

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New Landscaping for Library

It's the time of year of adding beautification to the site, and a group of residents have been busy creating new flower beds around our library / auditorium.

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Creative Farm Life at Baldy Hughes

The summer of 2016 has seen a real creative burst in our Farm Life program, as demonstrated by recent enhancements to our barn and greenhouse areas. These include a beautiful new serenity garden and deluxe chicken coups [...]

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Baldy Hughes Expands Program with New Wood Shop Group

Through the generosity of our benefactors and the hard work of our community members over the past few months, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our new wood shop. The new shop will be [...]

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Golden Age Social

On February 15 our community was the host of the monthly Golden Age Social at the Prince George Civic Centre. What an incredible afternoon for our residents who prepared the food and décor, and then [...]

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Getting Fit – Baldy Style!

For the past several months we have been expanding and updating our fitness programming and gym equipment and we are happy to report that our fitness program is having a very positive impact on the [...]

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Winter Farming at Baldy Hughes

It’s winter season at Baldy Hughes - time for snow clearing, tending to the animals and keeping the community warm, safe and strong. But thanks to the ingenuity and dedication of community members, it is [...]

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Residents Design & Build New Horse Stable

Residents in our Barn & Horticulture phase have been busy over the past three months exercising their many creative, constructive and collaborative skills, by building an awesome new indoor horse stable. After relocating our chicken [...]

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Our New Community Lounge

Residents at Baldy Hughes recently helped develop our new community lounge. With our new wood pellet stove, sofas and sectionals, everyone - including visitors - will have a peaceful and relaxing place to connect and [...]

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NEW VIDEO: The Mayencourts!

Please enjoy the following videos recently made of our Baldy Band (aka "The Mayencourts"). The guys certainly enjoyed the opportunity to be part of this creative process, and speak to this in the second version [...]

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