Brendan has been a natural performer and entertainer almost his entire life. As a child he worked in theatre, and was a talented singer and actor. His years in addiction however took all that away from him. Still with a boisterous personality, coming to Baldy Hughes and facing the unknown was a major challenge. “I felt scared, uncertain of this place, the people and my future,” said Brendan. “I was embarrassed that I was unable to manage my life. I felt hopeless that I would ever be able to live life without drugs and alcohol.”

While adjusting to life at Baldy Hughes, Brendan soon found many of the programs and activities fit his unique personality and interests. An animal lover by heart, he became immensely interested in animal care and was very active in all operations of the farm.

Brendan’s love of performing certainly was revived by participating in our community talent shows and plays. “My favourite events at Baldy Hughes were the plays,” Brendan says. “They were fun to participate in and it was great to be a part of something like that again after a long time. It was a good feeling to see a group of individuals come together in a happy, healthy environment.”

Brendan continued to serve the community as one of three Senior Resident Leaders for the final few months of his stay. All of the experiences he had at Baldy Hughes gave Brendan new confidence and strength to move forward in his life. After completing his one year program in November, Brendan has stayed on in our Extended Recovery Program until he starts college in the new year. “Being here has given me hope that I can lead a drug-free life. It has made me more mature, responsible and accountable. And most of all, the program has given me the ability to deal with life and see things in a completely new light.”