Baldy Hughes was recently the subject of a peer-reviewed research paper in “Issues in Mental Health Nursing”, an international, refereed journal designed to expand psychiatric and mental health nursing knowledge. The title of the article is Unearthing the Theoretical Underpinnings of “Green Care” in Mental Health and Substance Misuse Care: Theoretical Underpinnings and Contemporary Clinical Examples and was co-authored by Dr. John R. Cutcliffe, Director for the Center for Nursing Research at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio, and Rodger Travale, Executive Director of BC New Hope Recovery Society.

The topic of the article explores the concept of “Green Care” which is increasingly found to be practiced in mental health and addiction treatment facilities globally. Accordingly, this article identifies four principal theoretical elements of Green Care: Connectedness; Contact with Nature; Benefits of Exercise; and Occupation/Work as Therapeutic, each of which is explored and articulated by drawing on relevant literature.

Baldy Hughes was selected to be profiled in the article because it is a unique facility that practices Green Care, and all four of its principal theoretical elements are present throughout its 12-month recovery program. Another article, Considering the Contemporary Issues and Unresolved Challenges of Therapeutic Communities for Clients with Alcohol and Substance Use Problems, featuring Baldy Hughes, will also be published in the same journal in the coming months.

We are honoured to be included in such a prestigious academic journal, and for the scientific analysis of the benefits of our program. You may click here for a link to a preview of the article and further information on how to access a complete copy.