For me, Baldy Hughes has shown me a way of living, that before I could never have even comprehended. I came to Baldy with a hopeless view of myself and of life. I had no social skills, no self-esteem, full of fear (of the past, present and future) and no concept of sober living or sober fun.

The first thing I latched on to was the unity and kindness of the staff and residents. I then threw myself into the work and remarkable things followed. My social skills improved, along with my sense of unity and purpose, followed by a much better work ethic thanks to the Work Therapy Program. I had exposure to the 12 Steps and later began co-facilitating the groups. Through doing so, I gained self-esteem being able to help the newer guys.

I got a full understanding of my condition and learned how to be helpful to others like me. I got in touch with myself, my emotions and the essence of life around me. I could write pages more about what I got from my year at Baldy.
Overall I am forever thankful to Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community & Farm!