Baldy Hughes’ self-pay rate is $3,000.00 CDN per month of treatment. Upon admission a self-pay resident must secure one month of funding. A plan for payment must be pre-approved by the Admissions Coordinator prior to admission. Residents on EI Sickness Benefits, or on a pension, would pay 80% of their monthly benefits value as fees (minimum $1,000 per month). Residents on EI may be required to complete a Ministry of Social Development application at intake time, in order to ensure that funding for the remainder of the 12 month program is secured. Prescription expenses are not included in the monthly rate and payment arrangements for these must be in place before admission. Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community & Farm does not refund resident fees except in the case of a planned discharge and at the Executive Director’s discretion. Thirty days’ written notice of withdrawal from the program must be provided to receive a refund of fees paid in advance, and no refunds are provided for a partial month. Refunds are made only to the person or organization that directly paid the fee.

Treatment Financing

Baldy Hughes is a registered service provider with Medicard. Medicard is a simple and fast financing option that has a high approval rate, competitive interest rates and low monthly payments. For more details visit or ask us to fax you a copy of the Medicard brochure.

Preparing To Come To Baldy Hughes

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