Our Admissions Coordinator is available Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm to review our admissions requirements and assess your eligibility for our program. Admission requests can be made by individuals, families, physicians, psychiatrists, referral agents and concerned others. To download a copy of our application, please click this link:

Baldy Hughes Application Form July 2020

Phone: 250-964-3136
Email: reception@baldyhughes.ca and request an application form
Fax: 250-964-3162 (Attention Admissions Coordinator)

We will work pro-actively with prospective residents, their concerned other, or referral agents to ensure they properly complete the application package and understand and meet our admission requirements. In general, new residents:

  • Must be willing to commit to the program
  • Will not be on any Benzodiazepine medications or prescription narcotics
  • Will not be on a Methadone or Suboxone protocol
  • Must have funding approved before entry
  • Must be a male of legal age in B.C. – 19 years
  • Cannot be court-ordered to attend Baldy Hughes – this is a volunteer program
  • Must not have any known court dates for the duration of the program
  • Must be ready, willing, able and capable of participating in all program aspects, specifically:
    • Physical work (farm, chores, fitness)
    • Mental work (school, learning, skills upgrading)
    • Emotional work (group, counselling, peer support)
    • Community work (leadership, mentorship, fellowship)