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Yearly Archives: 2015


Our New Community Lounge

Residents at Baldy Hughes recently helped develop our new community lounge. With our new wood pellet stove, sofas and sectionals, everyone - including visitors - will have a peaceful and relaxing place to connect and [...]

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Brendan has been a natural performer and entertainer almost his entire life. As a child he worked in theatre, and was a talented singer and actor. His years in addiction however took all that away from [...]

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Stephen started his journey at Baldy Hughes on a cold winter day on December 1, 2014. A resident of northern BC, Stephen was ready to commit to a program that would give him the opportunity [...]

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BC New Hope Recovery Society Creates $3.6 Million Endowment Fund

The British Columbia New Hope Recovery Society is pleased to announce a $3.6 Million charitable donation from TEG Master Partnership. TEG Master Partnership’s donation to the Society marks one of the largest single corporate charitable donations [...]

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NEW VIDEO: The Mayencourts!

Please enjoy the following videos recently made of our Baldy Band (aka "The Mayencourts"). The guys certainly enjoyed the opportunity to be part of this creative process, and speak to this in the second version [...]

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James has been a hard worker all his life. Successful, talented and ambitious, James owned and built his own business and earned himself a very positive reputation in his field. However, as with many successful individuals, under [...]

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2015 Farm Updates

The year 2015 will be remembered as a pivotal period in our evolution as a farming community. Our barn, livestock pens, greenhouse and outdoor growing areas all have undergone a dramatic development, both in functionality and look. We [...]

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Baldy Hughes Expands Healthcare Services

Minister John Rustad and Minister Shirley Bond visited Baldy Hughes today to announce new funding of $1 million for our Therapeutic Community. The funding will go to opening and operating 20 new beds, including increasing staffing [...]

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